Ophtalmologie édition 2009 - Liem Trinh

Ophtalmologie édition 2009 - Liem Trinh

Ophtalmologie édition 2009 - Liem Trinh

It was first used in ophthalmology for the quantitative imaging of blood flow in vessels in vivo. Recently, the use of DOCT has finally spread outside of biomedicine, but it is still in its infancy for industrial applications. In principle, from the viewpoint of industrial applications, OCT technology should be very appealing. Due to its resolution, speed, and ability to deal with opaque ...

Amazon.co.jp: Imagerie en ophtalmologie (Ophtalmologie Pratique) (French Edition) 電子書籍: Puech, Michel, ARSLAN, Seli, Aimadaly, Mourtaza, Amar, Raphaël ...

Researcher Number: 70260578 : Other IDs: External Links: Affiliation (based on the past Project Information) *help: 2016 – 2019: 岐阜大学, 大学院医学系研究科, 教 2

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